If you wish to cancel or reschedule for a later date, you must do so one day before at 5pm, or a £15 re-booking fee per dog will be added to your groom.


If you arrive more than 15 minutes later than your appointment time, we must reschedule your appointment, and a £15 re-booking fee per dog will be required at your groom.


If you simply do not show up or cancel within two hours of your appointment time, a £25 re-scheduling fee per dog will be charged to you and if this happens more than twice a deposit will be required to make future appointments.


We at MutAbove hope you can respect & appreciate that we have enforced these guidelines because when people cancel with no advance, we are often unable to fill the space, which causes our groomers to stand around with no dog to groom (sometimes for up to two hours for a single appointment), and ultimately lose money. This is not fair to the groomers or to the other customers we have likely turned away. We also routinely experience customers who arrive 15-20 minutes late (or more), which throws off the entire schedule and causes all other grooms to be finished later than their owners expected. This causes customers to become upset and can cause groomers to become too stressed & overwhelmed, which could impact their quality of work.


We believe the policies that we have implemented are very fair and like any doctor office or similar business that is appointment-based and in high demand.


Mutt Above is different from most, because we give you an appointment time, then groom your dog straight through. Our goal is that they are done within an hour or two, depending on the breed. We believe this gives you and your dog(s) a better experience than most other grooming salons, which require you to arrive first thing in the morning and have you pick up at the end of the day. Most places charge a higher price when grooming a dog all the way through - we do not. We also have a higher volume and busier schedule than others. If you are concerned because we have these cancellation guidelines or have any questions regarding these policies, feel free to let us know your concerns.



It is the goal of our salon and our groomers to make your pet's grooming experience as stress-free as possible. Please be aware that if our groomers determine that your dog has matted fur, we will need you to sign a release form and there will be an additional charge for de-matting your pet's fur.


You can view our Matted Dog Release Form here.




If you are a cage & crate-free salon, do you have dogs roaming the facility freely?


The answer to this is no, here at MutAbove it is very important to us that we do not mix dogs or allow them to interact. While many dogs are social & friendly, the right combination can turn any situation sour so we feel it is best there is no interaction between your pet and other for the safety of all.


What should I expect at my first appointment?

Most salons have a standard drop off in the morning, pick up in the evening set up, but we offer an optional system that benefits your pet. Our appointments are staggered like you would expect to see at a doctor’s office or hair salon. This means we do not keep more dogs in the facility at one time than we have groomers (unless it is a family of dogs). After we find a day and time that works for you, you will bring your pup in with your vet information and fill out our new client sheet while your groomer comes to greet you. Together, you will go over all of your pet’s information and what your expectations are for your pup's grooming (what service is best, what products are best, what look is trying to be achieved, any questions or concerns you may have). We always welcome tours of the facility should you choose to see where your pet will be getting pampered. Your groomer will then give you an estimated time of completion and later give you a 15-30-minute call or text ahead to let you know your pet is soon to be ready for pick up.


Can I drop my pet off in the morning & pick it up in the afternoon?

Unfortunately, no. Your pet must be picked up in the given time frame. If your pet is not picked up within the hour he/she was completed, there is a £10 charge for every 30 minutes past that hour mark. We have enforced this strict policy since we are cage & crate-free and do not have the space to hold dogs for an extended amount of time. By not picking up your pet in a timely manner, you prevent others from receiving the same low-stress experience your pet had. 


Do you accept all breeds?

100% yes! We do not discriminate against or turn away any dog regardless of the breed.


What if my dog is aggressive?

We specialise in dogs with behaviour or aggression issues and believe our low-stress grooming rooms & skilled groomers aide behaviorally challenged dogs with the help of less environmental triggers. We will make all attempts in a safe manner to complete your dog's groom. Should they be aggressive, we reserve the right to utilize muzzles or to refuse service until sedatives are provided to your pet from your trusted veterinarian. We will always work with your dog to the best of our ability before refusing service, but as a responsible owner, you must not notify your groomer of your dog’s aggression. Being upfront & honest lessens the chance of any injuries to your pet or their groomer.